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The quickest technique to inform somebody your model is peculiar is by telling them you’re distinctive. ‘Distinctive’ is an typically overused, generalized concept – and the humorous factor is, most of us assume we’re distinctive, however we’re removed from it. We’re iterations from a earlier model. We’ve taken one thing and hopefully made it higher, extra helpful, and extra accessible. That’s good enterprise. That’s good branding.

I feel a extra essential query than “what?” is “how”? How are you distinctive? Is it how your product meets a selected want? Is it a service that could be supplied by 1,000,000 different choices, however you convey your secret sauce and are outlined by the method? What do you convey to the desk that nobody else does? If you happen to can faucet into that secret sauce, it’s stable gold. It’s what makes your online business – your model – distinctly yours.

Distinctive is nothing with out the “how”. Except you’ve found plutonium, and there really isn’t any different choice (spoiler alert: there at all times is another choice), the “how” is the place the magic’s at. It’s the place you’ll discover what does, the truth is, make you distinctive, or totally different, or higher. It’s that distinctive worth proposition that solely you’ll be able to supply in your personal manner – that’s what ought to be championed, bottled, and shared with the world.

Don’t give lip service to a cliché when you have got an entire slew of precise tasks and tangible outcomes that exhibit to your unmatched brilliance, your intentional strategy, and/or your product’s innovation. Don’t simply inform me what you do, and even why you do it, present me how.

In case you are, the truth is, “distinctive,” don’t inform me. Present me. That’s after I’ll imagine you. Extra importantly, that’s when your supporters, followers, followers, and prospects will purchase into what you’re promoting.

– Matt



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